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I love beer

Who doesn’t, right? But just saying you love beer is one thing; I’m a man of action. Let’s pull the petals off the rose one by one and count the ways beer is a big part of my life. I designed the GABF app, I homebrew, I do beer reviews, and I have an big background in Advertising + Marketing + Point of Sale/Shopper Marketing. Yes, I love beer.

Great American Beer Festival App

For the 2013 Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado, I was the lead creative and designer for the festival app. Using the app, people could add breweries to their drink list, easily find those breweries on a map, and rate beers as they try them.


I’ve been homebrewing since 2010. Is my beer the best beer in the world? Of course! But, your own homebrew should always be the best; the experience of crafting a recipe, thinking about the ingredients and putting it all together is what makes it taste so good. Think of it as a, “the journey IS the destination,” kind of thing.

My favorite thing about homebrewing is that it really gives you a deep appreciation and understanding about how beer is made and where smells and flavors come from. I also consider myself an amateur beer historian and love the history of each beer style and brewing tradition.

Beer Reviews

I don’t mean to be dramatic, but I think they’ve named this beer wrong.

- Jared Hardy in Denver Beer Co. Drama Queen Review

I write beer reviews. Well, to be more specific they’re called, “beer spotlights,” because PorchDrinking doesn’t do any negative reviews (which I love about them). Here’s a collection of the articles I’ve written for PorchDrinking.

Advertising + Marketing + Point of Sale/Shopper Marketing

I’ve been working in advertising a long time. That includes my current position at Integer that specializes in Shopper Marketing and Point of Sale – a big part of beer sales. Check out my resume to get the details.